zuko, dad of dragon durk headcanon’s are very important to me. actually, zuko’s daily life is very important to me. or just. zuko




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So Zuko isn’t the Firelord and is now just a Lord, and his daughter is the new Firelord? Then that means… Zuko’s true title is: The Fatherlord.

I was the first one to trust you, remember?



#but everything changed when the fire nation got fabulousimage

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"Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch." — Catherynne M. Valente


Yo, Korra! Zaheer and his crew sexy villains are coming after you.

Anonymous asked: Fic request: something Makorra where Mako has to watch Korra be tied up and he can't do anything about it.

Title:  Enjoy the Cold

"Doesn’t she look pretty, Lover Boy" Ming-Hua hissed in Mako’s ear as she easily added another layer of ice to Mako’s bonds.  He struggled against her ice, trying to summon his inner fire to at last shot it at her.  He’d seen other firebenders shot fire from their mouths but he’d never bothered to learn.  Now, as the cold seeped into his bones, he wished he’d learned how to do that along side lightning.

Korra struggled against the ropes binding her, her mouth still covered with that stupid mask.  Zaheer whispered to P’Li before gesturing to Ming-Hua to continue.  He easily threw Korra over his shoulder and turned to walk away.

"Let her go," he growled, his breath creating a little cloud above the ice encasing him.

"And you’ll do what?  Rescue the little Avatar?"  Ming-Hua dragged a slender icicle down his cheek.  "We saved her from the Queen while you and your little friends did nothing.  Now she’s ours.  But, Lover Boy, very valiant of you to come after her.  But will your brother and friend come after you?"

"How..?"  He asked.

"We’ve done our homework," she cooed.  Her icicle trailed down his other cheek, leaving a thin trail of blood in it’s wake.  "But Beifong’s new little pet won’t be a bad prisoner for us."

Mako gulped as he watched Zaheer stick a dart easily in Korra’s thigh.  Her struggling stopped abruptly.  ”I’m taking her to the car,” Zaheer called, “make sure he comes too.  Treat him like the White Lotus treated us.”

Ming-Hua’s smiled viciously.  ”I hope you enjoy the cold, Lover Boy.  It’s going to be your new friend.”

Mako struggled again, feeling his inner fire die as his fingers turned blue.

criminalflaw asked: WHAT? There are comics? Are they online?


Yes! You can read all three parts of The Search and The Promise online. Both parts of The Rift can be found online as well.

An additional comic book that was published, Avatar: The Lost Adventures (it features never-before-seen adventures of the gang), can be viewed online also! 

NOTE: Be sure to read The Promise first because it leads into The Search! And The Search leads into The Rift!

The Promise → The Search → The Rift


Read all parts of The Promise here

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Read The Rift: Part 1 here.  

NEW: Read/Download The Rift: Part 2 here. (Thanks to norsepearl for the link!) 

Read Avatar: The Lost Adventures here.  

ALSO NOTE: The Rift (Part 3) will hit comic book stores in November 2014.


All of them are definitely worth the read!